About cookies on GEEK!

What are cookies and why am I being warned about them?

An EU law came into force on May 26th, 2012 which enabled new restrictions on the use of cookies on websites.

When you visit a website, it can use cookies to store information about your web browsing habits or information that might be useful to optimise your personal viewing of this site. Under the new law, any website using cookies must display a written warning to the viewer alerting them that cookies are in use. There are a few exceptions – eg when the website requires essential cookies for the core functionality of the site to work.

To help make it simpler to understand the cookies in use on GEEK!, we’ve ran some tests on the site. GEEK! is aware that the following cookies are currently in use:

Name of cookie Reason/use
Google Analytics This is a traffic logging cookie – we use it to measure the level of traffic on GEEK! and which countries it comes from.
Google Adsense/Doubleclick This is for our advertising – hosted by Google. You can opt out from this cookie (applicable to all websites with Google advertising) by clicking here.
Quantacast Quantacast is used by all WordPress built sites for traffic measurement.
WordPress “logged in” This cookie is used to enable the “remember me” function when logging into GEEK!. If you do not log into GEEK!, this cookie is not used.

If you are happy for the site to use cookies while you are browsing it, you can simply dismiss the warning that is shown at the bottom of the web page by clicking “Accept”. You will not be warned again (unless you clear your web browser cache).

If, for any reason, you are uncomfortable with cookies being used while you are browsing the site, you can leave the site by closing the browser window.

If you wish to remove any cookies used by both this site and any other site you’ve browsed to, you can use this useful guide.

Please be aware that the vast majority of sites online use cookies.

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