Keeping your system happy and healthy with Iolo System Mechanic…

In the past, I have seen a countless list of programs that claim to speed up your computer and keep your system healthy. That’s what they all say. “Your computer could be 200% faster” and “You are predicted to have xxx registry errors” are my favourite claims. They never actually help your PC at all. They just sit there hogging up RAM and bouncing up and down in the notification tray telling you they’ve fixed 6500 errors or the likes.

But I’ve finally found a program that does live up to its word. It’s called Iolo System Mechanic and it is available here for around $50 (£30ish). This program doesn’t constantly remind you how “clever” it is or nag you when your system scan is 6 minutes out of date. No. This one just sits quietly and efficiently in the background all day. And it won’t do anything unless you’ve been idle on the computer. And as soon as you come back it shuts off and leaves you alone. The only time it will ever remind you about your computer is if you start the control center manually, where it will give you 3 simple dials with the status of your computer and any problems you might be encountering. 


The main control center

The main control center

Once you have configured it with a few simple steps during install, you just ‘set it and forget it’ as people call it.

It’s a great program and I really recommend it. Ofcourse the real computer geek would never need a program like this but if you’re like me (can’t be bothered to spend hours clearing out the registry and so on… *yawns*) you’ll find this program so useful.

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