Radio could go digital in 2017?

According to (BBC News), there are reports that radio could be 100% digital in 2017. That means that in 9 years time, there may be no analogue signal at all.

We’re already in the process of the digital switchover for televison, whic is supposed to be finished by 2012.

In my opinion, I think it’s quite good that we’re switching to digital radio. It does have its problems – I mean signal isn’t exactly brilliant; especially in rural areas – but otherwise I love my DAB radio. There are tonnes of stations (half of them I wouldn’t even think about listening to), some of which are good, and where signal is good it is very crisp and clear. I am hoping to get a pocket DAB radio sometime since they seem to be good for long journeys, and it will be nice when phone companies can develop the technology to have built-in DAB radios. Most phones I see usually only have FM radios and on some 3G radios there is online radio.

What do you think? Do you still use DM radio or are you a DAB addict? Do you think a switchover is a good idea?

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