Ridiculous costs of companies fitting your products

It seems insane – the amount of money we have to fork out to have our products fitted. If you’re an amateur with tech and all the latest gadgetry, it might seem sensible to have an “expert” come to your house and fit your product for you.

But at what price are you paying for this service? I’ve been looking around on the internet, and I was horrified at some of the costs for fitting basic items in the home.

For example, a well-known UK company (who’s name I will not mention) is charging £200 to fit a television in your home with a wall-mount. And the wall-mount isn’t even included. £200?!! For a vaguely experienced person it takes all of 20-30 minutes to fit a television so where the hell does that figure come from? 

The same company is charging £90 to fit a PC in your home. That’s another 20 minute job for someone who has even a vague idea in computing.

Or how about £30 to install any software on your computers. For god’s sake – you don’t have to be a rocket-scientist to install a piece of software on a PC.

The list goes on – including £90 to set up a wireless router. No router included.

I think it’s horrifying that companies can take that much money out of your pocket for half and hours work. No wonder we are running out of money. 

To say it makes me angry would be an understatement, but come on – these prices are gobsmacking. 

Have you ever had kit fitted for you in your home? How expensive was that?

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