Twitter – do you tweet?

I’ve known about Twitter for ages, but it was only 2 days ago when I finally decided to join the party and see what all the fun’s about. I’ve set up a page on Twitter for GEEK! in case you haven’t already seen it – – on which I’ll be posting the most popular GEEK! posts together with all the new posts that get posted here (so you’ll see this post on Twitter).

After playing around with Twitter for a couple of days, I’m not amazed by it. I haven’t got any problems with it, but it doesn’t make my go WOW. I really like the simplicity of Twitter (unlike many other comparable sites) and how easy it is.

Twitter is much more basic than Facebook or Myspace in my opinion. You simply say what you are doing and read what you’re friends are doing. You can “follow” people so you get their updates immediately and other people can “follow” you – it’s kind of like the ‘Subscribe’ function on Youtube when you subscribe to somebody’s channel.

A large range of applications and websites have also been created to enhance Twitter. Many of them simply display the most popular tweets and Twitter URLs. I find these handy, especially if you want to grab attention to yourself.

I don’t use Twitter personally, simply because I’m not really into social networking. As I said earlier, I’ve set up a Twitter page for the benefit of GEEK! readers, but it won’t be something I’ll be joining for personal use.

I look forward to the future of Twitter. I think it will be interesting to see what Twitter becomes in the near future. It is being known to have a very high growth rate and is already extremely popular, so it will be nice to see what it’s like in a years time.

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