The UK’s broadband REALLY needs to speed up!

It amazes me – how does the government of this country get away with having such poor internet technology in this country? We are a very rich country (even in the economic downturn), yet the government still think 8MB broadband is good for most people.

OK, well I was reading‘s world average speeds. The UK is currently (at the time of writing) 40th in the world for download with an average 4.99MB/s across the country. 40th? Yes I was a bit shocked to when I read this. And then you read what is ahead of us – Germany, Latvia, Sweden and Bulgaria are just a few of them.

Our average upload speed is even worse – we are 56th place! Our average is 0.68MB/s which, when considering countries like Latvia and Romania are miles ahead of us, is pretty poor.

Come on Britain – we are supposed to be up to date with technology – not on ancient copper cabling.

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