PS3 slim coming 1st September

The PlayStation 3 “Slim” has been announced by Sony, and will arrive in stores on September 1st.

It will be one-third lighter and slimmer, with the addition of it being one-third more power efficient.

Also, Sony has said that the new version will be about £50 cheaper than the current PS3 model, costing £249.99 in the UK! Finally the PS3 is decreasing in price!

If you’re in the US, the new PS3 will cost you about $299.

In terms of internal features there isn’t much to get excited about – it won’t be much faster, but it will be nice to see a more space-saving PS3.

However, Linux users will be ashamed to know that Linux will not run on the PS3 “Slim”!! In my opinion, that is a big shame.

Ah well, hopefully the smaller price tag will attract a few more buyers and help the PlayStation rise in the gaming market!

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