Will you be getting the new PS3 or PSP on launch?

I won’t be – I’ve never invested in games consoles. I find they are a waste of money when I have perfectly capable PCs that cope with gaming very well.

If you have a PS3 or a PSP, will you be upgrading? Shortly we have the PSP Go coming out that features a design makeover and onboard memory, and on the 1st of September the new PS3 Slim model with a new slimmer design and better energy efficiency.

It all looks very interesting, but Sony will have lots of work to do if they want me to upgrade. I find they are just far too expensive for what they do. I’d much rather have my iPod Touch which does everything I want it to – email, music, video, games, photos, reminders – the lot!

So sorry Sony, you won’t be reaching into my pocket! Will they be reaching into yours?

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