Terminating my Facebook – the social networking stint ends here!

Yes, I was a member of the social network world… from February this year in fact. But now, 8 months later, I have decided to pull it all apart.

Yes I’ve done the big thing. Made the definitive step. Thrown it in the bin.

It’s gone. I’ve killed my Facebook. And you know what, I don’t miss it at all. I was getting bored of people adding me as a friend just for the sake of another friend on their list.

And you know what – I don’t see what I’ve got out of it in the last 8 months. If someone asked me, I wouldn’t be able to think of much.

So I think I’ll definitely be happy to re-enter the real world of people rather than the distorted world of social networking.

Social networking is great, but just remember that nothing lasts forever. The world will get bored with it eventually!

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