Review: Topcom USB Wireless Skype Phone (Butler 4012)

I recently decided that, as I use Skype frequently for general phone calls to standard landline calls, I should get a proper Skype headset.

I found the Topcom Butler 4012 on eBay brand new for £14.99, which is a bargain considering that its RRP is about £70.

I have to say I’m very impressed with the handset. It’s really easy to use and works very well. There are a few pros and cons which I’ve outlined below:


  • Battery life is very good
  • Works very well with Skype using the USB interface
  • The drivers work with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • It comes with a selection of ringtones and customizable features
  • The sound quality of the calls is very good
  • It works just as if it were a normal landline phone
  • Wireless range is very good


  • You have to dial the country code when making a call, even if it is in your local country (ie 0044 before the number in the UK)
  • Must be plugged in via USB, no ethernet port
  • Comes with EU plug (that is probably just the eBay seller, but it is probably worth mentioning)

Other than that I think it is a product that will prove very handy. I use it frequently now and I have to say it hasn’t played up at all yet.

So if you’re looking for a good value Skype phone, try the Topcom Butler 4012 Skype handset.

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