Vodafone reminds us that competition isn’t their middle name by reducing mobile broadband allowances with no cost reduction

Vodafone has today taken the opportunity the opportunity to remind customers that they don’t understand the word “competition”.

They’ve made a very risky move of informing customers that as of 1st February 2011, a £15 top up will no longer grant them a 3GB allowance. Instead, for the same price, it will give them 2GB.

Vodafone claim that the reason for this change is the belief that 90% of their customers use less than 2GB in a month. They notify customers that if you want the same allowance, you’ll have to top up a bit more regularly.

Three (UK) currently offer 3GB allowance for £15 and currently have no intentions to remove this – so Vodafone may lose out to Three, who undoubtedly have better 3G coverage and faster speeds.

Customers have expressed their outrage and there are claims that several people are writing to trading standards. I happen to think it’ll be a risky move – and may cost them large amounts of customers.

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