Skype’s RAM usage is dreadful!

I’ve been a fan of Skype for many years now – as it seems to be the most reliable and practical way to keep in touch with friends on the phone for free. I was a user of the Skype “subscriptions” for many months and was very impressed with the value for money and quality of the service.

However, it has come to my attention that the newer versions of Skype seem to be using extortionate amounts of RAM – even when the client is in idle mode.

Windows Task Manager (3)

Above is a screenshot of my Task Manager in Windows 7 32-bit on my netbook. As you can see, it’s using well over 80MB of RAM in idle mode. If you go into a call, this will trickle up to over 100MB.

I find this a little excessive – especially since the program is only trying to keep a login alive whilst in idle mode. Do something about it, Skype!

2 thoughts on “Skype’s RAM usage is dreadful!

  1. Bob Vranish

    The most recent update seems to cut the memory usage by half when in idle mode. I don’t know if this is a garbage collection feature of the C++ code which Skype is written in or whatever, but the program now releases memory dynamically. Funny that this happened just after Microsoft bought Skype.

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