Post tweets to your facebook page (and vice versa) thanks to Ifttt

Recently I discovered that my twitter tweets were no longer being posted to my facebook page. I’ve never really got to the bottom of why my twitter settings no longer give me an option to posts tweets to my facebook page (only to my own profile now?) but nevertheless I pretty much gave up trying to sort it directly.

However, thanks to BBC Click, I’ve found a new service that does the same thing for me. It’s called Ifttt (with 3 t’s) and basically it’s a social network roundabout. It links together with countless social networks at your request (many of which I’ve never even heard of) and gives you the option to perform a wide range of tasks based on certain variables.

For example, I can link it to my account and make it post a custom facebook status to my profile every time I love a track. Pretty cool, eh?

What’s handy for me, though, is that I can tell it to post a message to my facebook wall every time I tweet. This resolves my problem and means my twitter ramblings can now be seen to my facebook fans once more!

It isn’t perfect, though. My main problem is that it only checks for new events every 15 minutes – which does mean that there’s a small delay between an event occurring and a task being completed. Still, it’s far better than nothing!

It amazes me how many networks it can communicate, so if you’re one who likes to publicise you’re events on all your social networks – this is the service built for you! It’s totally free and has a very tidy website, so why not take a look?

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