ISPConfig 3 Backup shell script (my version!) – version 1.0

After using ISPConfig for around a month now, I’ve more or less got to grips with it – and I’m no longer a cPanel addict!

Nonetheless, finding a backup solution for ISPConfig has been difficult to say the least. ISPConfig’s built-in backup is pretty poor and hasn’t really been any use when several of my websites are dependent on a decent spare copy!

I managed to find this script – and this has worked well, however there were a couple of bugs and it also wasn’t particularly user friendly – so I’ve updated it and uploaded my own copy for you to use!

It should be more or less all set up and ready to go, but you will need to do the following before you use it:

  • Create a directory (/backup) on the root of your server and make sure the user you’ll be running the script from has full permissions of this directory.
  • Fill in your database user and password in the .sh file – I’d suggest using your root user and password so it can back up all the databases on your installation.
  • Then place the .sh file in the /backup directory and run the script from a terminal.
The script is actually designed to run as a cron job – but as yet I cannot get it to work as a cron job – so you’ll need to run it manually. If you can get it to run as a cron job within ISPConfig – please let me know as I’d love to know myself.  

Download here (ZIP)
Version 1.0

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