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Why does Apple block multitasking and wallpapers on iPod touch 2G?

First of all, I’m back! Sorry I’ve been away for so long – I really wanted to make the most of the summer break to focus on a few other personal matters. But now summer seems to be rapidly fading into autumn, I’m back in business for the time being! There will be lots to look forward to with GEEK! this autumn – I’m going to be reviewing some cool new tech in the months up to Christmas and chatting about loads of new software!

In the mean time though, I’ll stick to the post at hand. It’s always baffled me as to why Apple decided to block out multitasking and wallpapers on the iPod touch 2G. I’ve been a proud owner of my iPod Touch for nearly 18 months now and was very pleased when Apple announced that they’d finally be supporting it in iOS4 some months back.

But then when Apple said that they wouldn’t support it on 2G, I was quite annoyed. They state that the lack of recent hardware made it difficult for them to implement the new features, but that doesn’t make much sense to me.

When the firmware was eventually cracked, I jailbroke my iPod and, to my surprise, multitasking worked perfectly. You have to close apps from time to time as it does get a bit slow if you leave too many open, but otherwise it works well.

I really don’t get why they wiped out the home screen wallpaper for the 2G iPod touch. What was the problem with that?

Alan Edwardes raised a good point in a blog post he wrote, asking why not just have a slider that could turn the features on or off in the device settings? The iPod Touch 2G can clearly cope with the new features, but it would be useful if you could choose to have them on or off. Some people could find it annoying that you do have to close apps from time to time. Still, why can’t I make that choice myself rather than having to hack my device in order to get the features?

3 Customer Support is improving…

I’m very glad to report that 3’s (Hutchinson 3G’s) Customer Service is finally improving.

I’ve had to speak with various people at 3 today because my local 3G mast has become unavailable, leaving me with very little coverage. The only way I can currently get coverage is by using Orange’s backup 2G network.

I spoke to 3 today and told them about the issue. To be truthful, I spoke to a technician online first (as 3 provides online chat as well as free telephone customer support), but he was very helpful and quickly reported the issue for investigation.

I then got a text from 3 this afternoon saying that they’d tried to call me back but I wasn’t available. I was glad to hear they had tried (how many times has a company promised you a call back, but not bothered?), but as I was out at that time I couldn’t take the call. In the text they provided me with an 0845 number to call them back with, and despite having to wait a little while for an advisor, I did get through to a very helpful man.

He told me that the problem would be investigated and gave me some instructions to make sure my 3G connectivity was available as soon as possible. He was very apologetic and promised me the problem would be solved within 21 days.

After lots of discussion, the man finally said that 3 may call me in the next few weeks to check the 3G coverage is available again. I was fine with this and the man I spoke to was very thankful for my co-operation.

In the end, I was also promised a little compensation for the lack of service. I didn’t ask for it – it was simply offered to me, so I willingly accepted it. This means I will receive a free top-up to the value of £10 (so I am told).  I haven’t received the compensation yet, but I have been promised it within the next 24 hours so hopefully I shall get it soon.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the service I received today. There are countless reports of poor customer service, but if you have a little patience and don’t loose your temper, the customer service is really efficient and helpful.