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Orange launches phone recycling campaign – earn money for your old phones

Orange, the UK mobile and phone/broadband service provider, has launched it’s “Recycle and Reward” campaign.

The new campaign allows members of the public to hand in their old mobile phones and get paid a cheque as a reward. It is an effort to cut down the amount of defunct mobile phones we all have in our houses – yes we all have them; all those old contract phones stashed away in the bottom drawer of your office cabinet.

Anyway, Orange has said they will tell you how much your phone is worth when you hand it in store, and if you agree to it, they will send you a cheque within 7 days. Pretty cool, eh?

Well I know I’ve got plenty of phones stashed away that could go to better use as notes in my pocket.

This could prove handy. If the prices are competitive to other phone recycling providers, this service could be a huge success.