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Review: Sony MDR-V150 Headphones with Reversible Housing for DJ Monitoring

I needed some decent budget headphones, preferably by a good brand and if possible under £15. So I went looking on Amazon, and found these –Sony MDR-V150 Headphones with Reversible Housing for DJ Monitoring.

I didn’t find the headphones from the company I’ve linked to, because when I ordered them (25th Dec 08) they were available direct from Amazon. However, they were around the same price if you include shipping costs.

For budget headphones, they are a fantastic buy. Since I only paid about £10 with Super Saver Shipping (available at the time), I wasn’t expecting much quality. But they are very good – the bass sounds good and can be adjusted through Windows.

They look and feel relatively sturdy, although the ear muffs look a little cheap. However, the headphones are very comfortable and I would be quite happy to wear them for extended periods of time. They are dispatched as 3.5mm jack headphones, but a 6.3mm jack adapter is also included.

I had a quick go at seeing if I could easily pull them apart and they didn’t come apart. The ear muffs aren’t detachable which I find very good as I hate headphones that have detachable ear muffs. The moving parts don’t come apart without a severe snap. You can drop them onto a hard surface and they survive easily.

They have a size adjuster of 9 sizes, which should fit most people.

Overall I think they are very good for the price. They are Sony which makes them very good sound and sturdiness. There are definitely better headphones around if you can afford to splash out, but I wasn’t requiring top-notch headphones. If you need budget headphones that will sound good and last, these are the ones to buy. Don’t go with cheap unknown brands as they will not be good and probably will be very cheaply made.

A definite buy if you want to save a bit of cash in the credit crunch and still get a good sound!