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Karoo ISP screws up service policy

Karoo, the only ISP in Hull (UK), recently screwed up its service policy, leaving a lot of press concern.

The company was recently under fire from the press, with news that it would suspend all users that illegally downloaded content from the internet. No 3-strikes policy, no warnings. Do it once, and you’re kicked off the net.

This was a big leap for a company – no other ISP in this country does such a thing. News sites became very concerned that Karoo had gone a step too far.

If you wanted to get yourself back on the internet, you would have to speak to Karoo pay a re-connection fee and sign a document promising that you will never download illegal content again.

Many people were claiming that this was totally unfair – to cut off a user with no notice at all.

However, the company has now edited their policy. The new idea is that all users are now on a 3-strikes system. A user will get 3 warning letters before being cut off by Karoo. This is an improvement, but there are still very few ISPs in this country that have this procedure.

I would hate it if my ISP cut me off with no notice whatsoever. This is not good conduct and I would be complaining if my ISP was thinking of following a procedure like that.