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Don’t let 3 UK (Hutchinson 3G) be merged into Vodafone – please!

3 to join Vodafone? I hope not…

I am outraged at this news story I’ve just read on the internet. It claims that Vodafone are looking to do a merger with 3 after Orange’s merger with T-Mobile has been approved with the EU.

If that happens, I will be the first person to leave 3! Vodafone suck – full stop.

The whole reason I went to 3 in the first place was because Vodafone and Orange had rubbish network coverage – especially in terms of 3G. 3 has fantastic network coverage across the UK and that’s what makes it great.

If the filth that is Vodafone takes over 3 in the UK, 3 will go downhill horribly quickly. 3 is great as it is – keep it that way! Super cheap calls and texts, fantastic mobile broadband, great coverage – 3 has it all.

Will the senior people at 3 UK please think very carefully if a merger is offered with Vodafone – it could be a big mistake!

3 (Three/Hutchison 3G) UK Mobile Pay as you Go – Full and thorough review!

I’ve been with 3 (Three) for just under 6 months, so I feel it’s about time I do a full review. There’s much argument on the internet as to whether 3 is really a good company or whether it isn’t to be used. I have summed up most of the features available on 3 and how well they compare to other mobile operators in the UK.

Bare in mind, this review is based on pay as you go usage, but some categories (such as Coverage) apply to both PAYG and Pay Monthly.

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