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Are in-ear earphones worth it?

Sorry I’ve been away for ages. Been on holiday and really haven’t had much time for GEEK! in the last week or so. But have no fear, I’m back and all will resume from now on! 🙂

Anyway, while I was on holiday, I bought some brand new in-ear earphones, mainly because I needed a new pair of earphones and they were only £9.99 at HMV. I thought “what they hey it’s only a tenner” and bought them – I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m actually really pleased with them – they sound brilliant and for £10 they are the best value earphones I’ve ever had!

However, the main reason I’m so happy with them is that they don’t need to be half as loud as my normal earphones. I’m amazed at how low I can have the volume on my iPod with my in-ear earphones and still be able to hear my music very clearly.

In addition, the earphones don’t fall out of my ears all the time, because the earphones are directly in your ear. It used to really bug me when my old earphones constantly fell out of my ears, but I don’t have that problem anymore.

So yes, if you want my opinion, go and upgrade. For what you’ll pay compared to what you get, it is very much worth it! They are more convenient than headphones but less fiddly than standard earphones – perfect!