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What’s the point in Microsoft Silverlight?

Every time I get told that there are new updates to be installed, I open it up and somewhere in the list there is Microsoft Silverlight.

I’ve installed it before on my laptop but I uninstalled it because I couldn’t see what the point in it was.

Microsoft claims it enhances the browsing experience, but could someone tell me, how? It’s not like it makes my browsing experience any faster (in fact it probably makes my browsing experience slower!), and I don’t even use IE7 or IE8 so will it benefit me at all?

Microsoft’s web site is full of nagging ads that say Install Microsoft Silverlight, and it kind of bugs me. 

I can try hiding the update in Windows Update but it just comes back every time a new version is released.

Could someone who actually uses it (and finds it useful) tell me what it’s for? I’m just wondering why Microsoft makes such a big deal about it. 

Is it just me missing something that makes it amazing?