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Free .co.uk for one year with OVH (UK Only) [EXPIRED]

If you’re in the UK, I’ve got the perfect treat for you.

Head over to www.ovh.co.uk and they’ll give you as many .co.uk’s you like for one year for nothing whatsoever. No surveys to fill in, no “points” to collect, nothing.

It’ll be registered in you’re name, you’ll get a free Nominet registration, the right to change the DNS servers to whatever you like (if you want a good host, I suggest NovaHost) and everything else you’d expect.

Go get one. Something for nothing – that’s what I like hear on GEEK!

There’s no limit on how many you get, as long as you stick to their terms (same as any old terms).

Just make sure you’re in the UK and have a UK mobile number that they can text you with for verification (no cost on text).

The company I believe is actually French but has UK headqaurters.

17.5.09: I believe this offer no longer exists after checking the site. OVH is no longer advertising the offer. If you have already registered a domain with them, you will not loose it, however you will have to pay to extend it at the end of the free year.