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An open letter to Pebble and the new Pebble Time Round…

Here’s something I haven’t done for a while – HAVE A RANT!

Dear Eric Migicovsky,

I’m an original Pebbler, still am to this day and I love it, but can’t help but feel Pebble staff might have started eating bad Apples (pardon the pun)…

– Nice design, fair enough it looks like a normal watch, but..

– Why ditch the great thing about both Pebble’s so far – all week battery life?! 2 days just isn’t enough – fair dos it’s better than Apple Watch but not by far – 2 sizes, countless styles/strap combos… deja vu?

– At $249, I might as well spend 100 dollars more and just get an Apple Watch which does TONNES more and has almost the same battery life – not to mention the vastly better screen.

– That screen resolution isn’t going to get better by itself

Also what on Earth happened to that previous commitment to get timeline to the original Pebble? We were promised that MONTHS ago :(. It’s the same old story with every company – get successful, get rich, forget the people who made you.

Oh and by the way – Jony Ive presents new products way better than you do. You never saw him saying “maybe they’ll get one” with a cheesy yet desperate looking facial expression. Maybe employ someone else to do that job.


Disgruntled early Pebble supporter.

Is SPAM one of the most annoying things in life? I think so.

There is nothing that angers me as much as SPAM. Email SPAM that is. I honestly can’t think of anything that bugs me more. My inbox was sprinkled with some disturbing emails today – here’s the line up…


Please note the image shown above contains some mature content that may be unsuitable for younger readers.

Do you know why it annoys me so much? Because every time I get it in my inbox, it makes me think of the time I waste hitting the now worn-out Delete key on my keyboard. I must spend hours of my life deleting emails telling me about new “life changing pills” and “big savings”. And believe me, that’s the clean side of it.

SPAM really depresses me. The fact that there are people out there who like programming computers to use our emails to send us fake emails that are just booby-traps to more SPAM.

And, yes, there are plenty of SPAM filters out there that will rid the crud from my inbox, but I still feel terrible seeing my Junk folder fill up with thousands of emails monthly.

So yes, if you’re one of the many million or so people who hate SPAM, there’s not a lot we can do. But it does make you think, how much time, energy and money do we waste deleting SPAM?