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Feedburner transferring to Google

Feedburner, which was acquired by Google in 2007, is in the process of moving to google.com and at the end of February they plan to have all accounts hosted on Google instead of Feedburner.

If you have a Feedburner account, you can log onto feedburner.com and transfer your account now. I did it yesterday and it took about 3 hours to move 80 posts. But you can just set it and leave it.

Once you transfer it, you have to log in via your Google Account. You can do this by going to www.google.com and then My Account. It’s all relatively easy, but just takes a while.

The interface on feedburner.google.com is much the same as the original feedburner.com – in fact very little has changed.

So get in asap if you have a blog or site that uses Feedburner – I wouldn’t want to be in the last minute rush to move over.