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Warning: Tiscali changes broadband usage allowance

This has gone through very quietly, but I noticed today that Tiscali has changed its usage allowance for broadband.

It was originally 100GB per month, and I think it must have changed very recently as when I did my broadband investigation last month they were still quoting that.

But if you look on their website now, it says:


It probably has something to do with the new ownership of Tiscali by TalkTalk.

Just a little warning for any existing customers or people thinking of joining Tiscali. I’m glad I noticed that one. 🙂

Mobile Internet on 3 (Three) Mobile – Price Guide & what you get for your money

I’ve been on Three for quite a while now, and have done a range of posts about them – good and bad. Anyway, I have decided that since Three don’t tell you how much data usage you get for buying Internet Addons on Three, I would ring them up and post it up for the benefit of readers. This is not usage information for the separate USB modem mobile broadband – this is for general Internet addons with Three. I believe this only applies to pay as you go customers, as pay monthly customers have to add an internet bundle to their monthly bill.

Anyway, according to Three’s customer service, the current usage allowances are as follows:

Internet Daily: 120MB allowance to be used in one day.

Internet Weekly: 500MB allowance to be used in one week.

Internet Monthly: 2000MB (2GB) allowance to be used in one month.

At the time of writing, the only way you can find out your current internet usage on an addon is to ring up Three’s customer service on 333 free from a Three mobile (pressing 3 on keypad when you get through, and then 2 to speak to an advisor), and they will quote you if you ask them.

You cannot check your usage on My3 as it will just say ‘Fair Usage’ which really annoys me with companies, as it doesn’t tell you anything.

Anyway, that should solve any queries and save you having to ring them up.