OpenOffice or Microsoft Office?

For me, it’s always been Microsoft Office. Only because I’ve had it ever since I started with computers and I’m too used to having all the features.

However, for some people it might be a great alternative to spending hard earned cash on Microsoft.

OpenOffice is basically just an opensource free version of Microsoft’s Office. It does most of the things that Microsoft’s does, but its totally free. Admittedly it doesn’t look as nice as Office 2007, but for people who are reluctant to spend money and need a decent office suite, this is perfect!

It’s available for Windows, Linux, Mac and many other distrobutions too. And with OpenOffice 3.0 coming around the corner, it may well become even better. OpenOffice 3.0 Release Candidate 2 is available for download now here – so if you like trying software, do so. You might well find it’s better for you altogether.

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