Windows 7 ready for Christmas next year?

I was very shocked when I found that it has been reported that Windows 7, the operating system succeeding Windows Vista (see may well be installing while we are eating our Christmas Lunch next year.

Yes, Microsoft has apparently told system and engineering partners that Windows 7 will indeed be ready for Christmas 2009. 

The last time that Microsoft actually managed to get Windows ready in time for the Christmas/Holiday season was Windows XP which was launched in October 2001.

Also, it has been rumoured that there will be a BETA on Windows 7 the week before Christmas 2008 and that we’ll have a release candidate by the second quarter of next year.

Do you think Windows 7 will be ready for Christmas 2009? Will you try the BETA this Christmas?

I’ve got my doubts… it’s not like Microsoft has always been perfect with timing!

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