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Apple releases iTunes 10.0.1 with nothing that much new

Apple has recently released their latest version of iTunes 10.0.1 with, it has to said, nothing of any significance that’s new.

It seems to have some minor improvements to Apple’s Ping service, but other than that, there’s nothing particularly interesting to report.

So much for a huge download. Typical Apple. When will Apple learn that not all of us have endless bandwidth allowances?!

Chrome 5.0 brings host of new features

Google today released their latest version of the growing web browser, Chrome. The new version includes a large range of new features.

I’m very pleased to know that Chrome now synchronises browser settings, as well as bookmarks, to the syncing server. This means that when you use Chrome on multiple computers, you take your whole browser with you. Nice touch.

There’s also a really nice selection of HTML functions – including drag and drop (ie you can drag your Gmail attachments to your Documents folder).

In addition, great news for Mac and Linux users – Chrome 5.0 is a stable version! It’s about time!

Oh and finally, Google have set that from the next release of Adobe Flash (10.1), they are planning to automatically include a full compatible version of Flash with Chrome every time it is installed. That way, if you don’t already have it, Google will automatically install it for you when you install Chrome.

Head to google.com/chrome for the new version, or upgrade automatically from your browser!

Office 2010 at RTM stage

It’s been announced – Office 2010 is finally at the Release to Manufacturer stage. It looks like it will be on the store shelves by late May/early June.

That does sadly mean that Microsoft will probably cut life support to the beta within the coming weeks. It’s a shame really as I love Office 2010 – but having said that I’ll probably go out and buy it. Maybe even pre-order it. I don’t know.

iTunes 8.2 released to public!

iTunes 8.2 will now be available on Apple Software Update.

The update adds compatibility for the upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 software update, and apparently also adds “many accessibility improvements” according to Apple.

Apple iTunes 8.2 has been in discussion for quite some time since it was dispatched to iPhone 3.0 OS beta testers over the course of the last month.

Unless you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, I don’t think there is any rush to get hold of this update. Even if you do, the latest iPhone/iPod Touch OS release date hasn’t even been confirmed yet. Apparently, Apple are going to confirm the new OS release date at the Worldwide Developers Conference next week.

Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Server 2008 rolls out!

Just a quick message to let you all know that Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 has rolled out.

You can grab it free for both 32 bit Windows (348MB) and 64 bit Windows (577MB) at the respective links.

I’ve got my copy on download now, so I’ll post a review up for it in the coming days (hopefully by the end of the week).