Review: Nokia 3120 Classic on 3 (UK)

I recently bought myself a brand new Nokia 3120 from 3 (Three). Here is a review for the item and 3 itself.

Delivery was relatively good. No fuss. Ordered last Thursday and the phone arrived Saturday lunchtime in the post. Packaging was good and nothing was damaged.

When it arrived, I charged it up for a couple of hours and it was ready to go. Threw in my new SIM card and fired it up.

It’s easy to set up. The phone will ask about the date and time, and when you’ve done that call 444. They say the phone will be activated within 24 hours but mine was activated 5 minutes later. Once 3 have sent you the text confirming the account is active and your £10 introductory top-up had gone through, you are ready to do what you want.

The phone itself is fantastic for the money. I paid £80 at and I got free delivery, £10 free top-up, a free £10 accessories voucher which I used to buy a 2gb memory card (you must speak to the online customer service BEFORE ordering your phone to get the code required), free Windows Live Messenger to download and use as much as I liked, as well as free Skype (however this is not available on the 3120 yet – they say it will be in the near future). Update 3.2.09: I can now get Skype on my phone – I am not sure if it officially supported, but 3 let me download it and it works fine.

The only downside I can find with the phone is that the battery life isn’t fantastic. Bluetooth and 3G will drain the battery like a rocket. If you use a lot of mobile internet or bluetooth, you will only have enough juice to last a day or two. Less frequent users will get up to 1 week.

The flat12 tariff on three is very good. Calls and texts are 12p per min/each. Internet is £1 per MB unless you get an addon, TV and unadvertised radio is 49p per day (requires 3G coverage), and video calls are 50p per min (requires 3G coverage).

Verdict: Get the phone, it’s very good for £80 but watch out if you are a frequent user as battery life isn’t fantastic.

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