The toughest phone around – the JCB Tough Phone

Now most people aren’t that brutal with mobile phones. I mean, people bash them around a bit and scratch them a little, but nothing horribly serious. 

Unless you are the kind of person who is really, really lethal to your mobile phone, this post won’ t interest you. However, if you’re phone is constantly being replaced because you keep cracking the screen or dropping it excessively, this might be of interest to you.

It’s called the JCB Tough Phone. Incase you don’t know who JCB are, they manufacture farm machinery and very large tractors. The JCB tough phone is one of the strongest phones around, claiming that it is splash resistant, shock proof, drop resistant and dust resistant. 

I got hold of one recently and gave it a quick test. It’s very thick and well-made, and it’s well protected from drops and other common damages.

And that’s not it. It comes with 3 year warranty and no matter how you damage it, it if gets damaged, they’ll send you a brand new one for free. That’s it. No arguement. 

In terms of features, it is slightly down. There’s no camera, but there is bluetooth and most other common phone features.

It is quite costly at £170 SIM free but it might just be worth it if you damage your phone a lot.

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