EI System 1201 with 2GB RAM – Tested and confirmed

Well after my post I did a little while back, I decided I would pluck up the courage and actually go and buy a 2GB RAM chip for my laptop.  It arrived today (special delivery from Crucial) and I just got it fitted. Guess what? Works an absolute dream! Vista is so much faster and usable!! Absolutely love it. Would recommend any day!

So for those who are interested, this is what I bought: 2GB PC-5300 DDR2 200pin SODIMM. Make sure you get the 2GB chip and not the 2x1GB kit as the laptop does only have one slot.

Once its fitted, fire up the laptop and see how quickly it boots. It doesn’t boot quickly first time as it works out it’s had a hardware boost, but once you’ve booted it for the first time shut it down and boot it again. With any hope, it will be much quicker.

So, there you go, for the people who were wondering, you can run an EI System 1201 with 2GB RAM. Sorted.

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