EI System 1201 (DSG Retail) and RAM

I own an EI System 1201 as one of my laptops, as I thought it was an excellent budget buy. I bought it in June ’08 with Vista Home Premium… and sadly 1GB of RAM. Vista and 1GB RAM don’t mix, trust me.

Anyway, I googled some RAM for the system and many sites are telling me that it only has 1 RAM module. However, I’m not totally sure of this. I’ve taken the back off and this is what I saw:

Image 1

Image 2

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that is two slots.

Many sites are claiming that it is one slot only, but I think there may be another one hidden underneath it.

I am also trying to get clarification on whether the maximum memory is 2GB. I’ve seen this site, Ei Systems Laptop Memory :: 1201 Laptop Memory :: Offtek.co.uk, the Memory Superstore, which claims that there is a 2GB module avaialble for the system.

It’s all very blurry for me – can you get 2GB in by either getting 2x 1GB modules or 1X 2GB module. If you’ve got any experiences in installing memory in this laptop, please post a comment? Have you ever got 2GB in?

Update 7.2.09 – Thanks very much to Mark (see comments) who has now can confirmed he can upgraded his EI System 1201 with a 2GB PC5300 667mhz of RAM, and that he is relatively sure there is only one slot. So my mistake if I got that wrong :).

Update 21.2.09 – Have ordered a 2GB piece of RAM for the laptop from Crucial, so will report back when I have it delivered and installed. Wish me luck.

I can confirm the RAM upgrade was successful.

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  1. mark

    hi i recently upgraded my ei system 1201 memory from 1gd to 2gb using a 2gd modual of ddr2 pc5300 667mhz of ram
    i think there is only 1 slot and max memory 2gb

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