How many browser toolbars do you have?

Being the sad person I am, I always think every time I look at someones computer is how many toolbars do you have in your internet browser?

Personally, I’m not a fan of web toolbars. I’ve never seemed to understand why you need them? Every one I see on the internet is either some way to get ads to you or just an almost pointless shortcut in my opinion.

Admittedly, there are a few toolbars that are sort of handy. But the ones that just drive me mad are ones like the “smiley” ones that allow you to install “smilies” into IM software such as Windows Live Messenger. All they do is fill up your computer with spyware rubbish that is utterly pointless and just ends up wasting my time.

I’m very proud to say that in all 3 webbrowsers I have installed on my laptop (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) you won’t find a single toolbar installed. Not one (others than the built in ones, obviously).

Are you a toolbar addict (is there such a thing)? Do you feel the need for toolbars? Why do you use them?

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