Virgin to attempt to kill music piracy with a brand new idea

Virgin Media has decided to launch a brand new idea which, they think, might kill off some of the music piracy in the UK.

The new idea is supposedly going to launch sometime before Christmas, and it will mean that Virgin Media broadband users can download unlimited DRM-free music for a monthly charge to their broadband bill.

In addition, Virgin have used their brains. You would think “what a stupid idea – people will get the songs from Virgin and stick them on P2P networks”, but Virgin has agreed to aggressively police all the big P2P networks to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The deal is backed by one of the biggest music labels, Universal, and Virgin are hoping to have even more labels by launch date.

Personally, I think it could work, but only if people are willing to pay the price. If it does work, then the chances are that other ISPs will catch on and maybe we’ll be able to combat music piracy.

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