iPod Touch 3.0 comes Wednesday, still no UK price confirmed

Its only 3 days to go until the 3.0 software for the iPod Touch (and iPhone, although that’s free) finally launches. It’s been a long wait, with a total of five betas and a GM, but Apple finally announced the launch date earlier this week.

However, it somewhat annoys me that Apple still haven’t confirmed the final price for the 3.0 update in the UK. Yeah, I know, the chances are that it will be something like £6.99, but I wish Apple would put me out of my misery and just tell me how much it’s going to burn in my pocket. I don’t want to have to pay for it anyway, but I’m going to because I want the new features.

Apple has confirmed that the update will cost $9.95 in the US, but there has been absolutely no news whatsoever as to what is happening about the UK price.

Come on Apple, get your act together. I know the chances are that nobody gives a damn what it is going to cost, but I there are a few of us that do.

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