[Site Updates] The New Year on GEEK!

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Well for GEEK!, 2009 has been a very good year. Hits have rocketed up and I feel that GEEK! is something that everyone can find useful. GEEK! has rapidly expanded over the past 12 months and I’m really pleased at how well it has grown.

So, as I prepare to update the copyrights to include 2010,  it has made me think about what will change in the New Year. To be honest I haven’t thought about the matter in too much detail, but there are a few obvious things that I’d quite like to change or update.

Here’s a list of what will be added or change in the New Year:

  • As you may have noticed, this is the first post in a while that I’ve actually posted on the main site. From the start of the New Year, I will start posting site updates posts on the main site again. I did stop doing this in mid 2009, but after a lack of hits to “The Backdoor” I have decided it is probably more practical to just post the site updates on the main site again. I shall remove all previous site updates posts and scrap “The Backdoor” – a clean start.
  • I would like to eventually give the site a new theme. As the site becomes more popular I am beginning to think this current theme has exceeded its “use by” date. The developer of the theme has also ceased any future updates to the theme, so it seems a bit impractical to use a dead-end theme when web technologies update frequently. At the moment I don’t have time to create my own theme, but I might consider it in mid 2010 as my exam pressure will have fallen by then (I’m reaching the final 6 months of my GCSEs – hoorah!). I will continue to use the current theme for as long as I feel it is OK to do so, but I do think it’s time to move on!
  • I still haven’t made GEEK! financially viable yet – in the respect that I still pay out more money than I get back. It’s not really a huge matter right now as I mainly run GEEK! for the pleasure of it. However it would be nice to think that I could make a bit more money from the site in future. I’ve decided that advertising really isn’t the way forward – at least not until my visitors increase. I need to think of some sensible ways to make money really!
  • Sometime in the New Year I would like to get my website construction business going. At the moment I locally do website construction and development for various individuals and organisations, but I’d like to nationally expand that at some point. This still needs a lot of thinking about, but I’ll see what I can do over the next 12 months.
  • It would be nice to get a forum going for GEEK! – especially as it’s a great way to discuss PC/tech problems with others who may be able to help you. Again, this needs thinking about and will need time to develop – but I’d like to think I’ll have a forum going by this time in 2010.
  • I am hoping to open my new blog – The Blabber Blog – at some point in early 2010. It’s going to be a blog that will focus more generally on current affairs, and it will be a place where people will be able to freely express their opinions on various events in the world. I still haven’t been able to decide an opening date on that but I will hopefully have that running in the first quarter of 2010.

That gives you a little bit of an idea of where GEEK! is headed in 2010. It’s a lot of work to do, but I think that’s all part of the fun of it.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year.

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