Very nice PlayStation remote controller developed by individual

Yes, I know, GEEK! doesn’t usually talk about news related to games and games consoles, but this something I really wanted to mention.

Just spotted this on the internet (see below). It’s a remote PS3 controller which has been handmade by an experienced individual.

It features a 5” wireless LCD, sound, all the controls you’d expect, a 1.2GHz wireless controller, a mini-USB input, charger input, and headphone port.

For a handmade product, it does look pretty amazing.


Sadly, the creator doesn’t mention the wireless range (or at least not at the time of writing).

Still, it’s a pretty fantastic concept that will probably interest many gamers. According to the creator he will be selling the device as soon as a minor sound issue is fixed. Any guesses on what it might go for?

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