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giffgaff to launch new data-only goodybags on October 17th

giffgaff has recently announced that it will, on October 10th 17th, be launching it’s latest service – data only goodybags.

These goodybags will be destined for iPad, tablet and mi-fi users who like to use their mobile connection to provide internet to other devices. Tethering will be permitted with these special goodybags.

Users may be required to order a seperate SIM for their tablet or mi-fi. Once activated, three packages will be available.

  • 500MB for 30 days: £5
  • 1GB for 30 days: £7.50
  • 3GB for 30 days: £12.50

These seem to be very competitive pay-as-you-go prices. The nearest competitor is 3, however they have a reputation of much better coverage and data speed than other networks.

giffgaff insist that the goodybags are sold at “cost price” – meaning giffgaff makes a loss if you use all of the data in your goodybag. A bold move – and one which could be extremely risky. giffgaff are betting on some people not using all of the data in their allowance, but I’m not confident this will be the case.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how popular the goodybags become.

To order a free SIM with giffgaff and get £5 free credit on activation, click here.

Giffgaff introduces new £20 plan and extends free internet

Giffgaff, the increasingly popular MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), has recently introduced it’s new £20 goodybag after multiple requests from customers.

The new goodybag now offers 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet – with no fair use as per usual.

In addition, giffgaff have increased the allowance on the £10 goodybag from 100 minutes to 150 minutes at no extra charge. This goodybag appears to be the most popular of the 5 goodybags available considering that it also offers unlimited texts and unlimited internet.

Finally, giffgaff have also said that they will continue to offer the free mobile internet until 1st of December 2010. This means that giffgaff will have ran this promotion for over a year when it finally comes to an end.

Giffgaff – the ideal alternative to contract?

I know I’ve reviewed giffgaff before, but this time I’d like to talk specifically about the comparison of giffgaff to other mobile contracts.

Bear in mind that giffgaff is pay as you go only, but I happen to think the goodybags are tough competition to mobile contracts.

For just a tenner a month (no contract), you get 100 minutes to any network, totally unlimited texts and totally unlimited data. Up it to £15, and you get the same but 300 minutes. Up again to £35, and the same but totally unlimited minutes.

You have to bear in mind that all of those plans include free gg calls, texts and video calls (so it’s free to contact anyone on the giffgaff network, basically).

In addition, you can also get the £5 goodybag which is plain and simple unlimited texts with no FUP – this will be great for teenagers (like myself).

I happen to think that those prices are comparable to other network’s contracts – and there’s no obligation or contract whatsoever.  Seems like a handy idea if you are short on cash!