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Internet Explorer users are (yet again) at risk

Will Internet Explorer ever be safe to use?

Once again, users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser are at risk. Microsoft recently discovered a vulnerability that could allow a user to turn your system in to a fileserver for your private documents.

Most versions of Internet Explorer are affected. Microsoft has said that any system with a version of Internet Explorer lacking “Protected Mode” is at risk. The user is also at risk if “Protected Mode” has been disabled.

Microsoft are yet to release a fix for this vulnerability. They have said that they are unaware of any hacker currently making use of this potentially disastrous hack.

It’s looking as if Microsoft will (at the earliest) release a patch for this problem next Tuesday (the second Tuesday of each month is the day Microsoft usually release their regular patches and updates). However, I doubt they’ll release an update that soon.

Having not used Internet Explorer in a long time, I would suggest you move away from IE as soon as possible if you can. Try something like Google Chrome or Firefox.

BBC demonstrates how much damage Trojans can do

The BBC has posted a short video on its website that demonstrates what a hacker could do with a trojan horse at his disposal.

The video demonstrates how complex and sophisticated trojan horses are, and how easily somebody could get access to any private information on a victim’s computer.

The videos talks about how a hacker could see the victim’s screen and whatever is on it, read his keystrokes (for displaying hidden keystrokes) and even see the victim’s webcam (scary).

The video is only two and a half minutes long but if you aren’t aware of how clever hackers are, I suggest you take a look at this video.