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RedLaser – best iPhone barcode reader!

Last night I came across a free app that’s on the App Store which seems to be very handy.

I’ve always been a fan of the concept of being able to scan barcodes and find the cheapest prices for various products. However, I’ve never found a decent app that’s (ideally) free and works very well.

Now I have my new iPod touch with the cameras built in, I thought it would be extremely useful to be able to scan barcodes and find the best prices.

So, I stumbled across this free app called RedLaser and downloaded it. Overall, I have to say it’s the best free app of it’s kind. It works in all kinds of environments – even low light!

Simply place the camera in front of the barcode until the iPhone (or iPod touch 4G) beeps and it will instantly search for the best price online from various price comparison sites.

You can even scan multiple barcodes, save them, and look them up later. And if you can’t get it to scan the code for whatever reason, you can enter it manually.If you’re into finding the cheapest prices for products, this is the app for you!