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Blink – log on to your PC via face recognition

Yes, I’m back posting again. Sorry I haven’t posted for a little while – I decided to take a little summer break. But have no fear, I’m back as of today!

Anyway, last night I came across this very cool application. It’s free and it works with your webcam. It basically replaces your password at Windows logon with a window that shows your webcam. As soon as the app recognises your face using biometric technology, it will automatically log you on with the password you told it.

It doesn’t actually replace your password. It leaves you with the opportunity to use a password, just in case your webcam packs up or you need to get in from Safe Mode.

However, the app does work very well and I was very pleased with how quickly it responded as soon as it recognised me. It also worked very well under various light conditions.

I would have been slightly more impressed if the app had given me the opportunity to register more than one accepted face, but I guess if security is really your thing you probably wouldn’t want that.

Overall, for a free app it is a must have. If you want to keep friends and family away from your personal info, it’s much more secure than a password and doesn’t seem to take any longer than typing a password. Go grab it for free by clicking here. The app works with any Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer.