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Could 150Mbps broadband be on the way next?

ISPReview UK has reported that O2 have successfully trialled 150Mbps broadband in the Slough area of the UK.

This is great news because this means that we could be seeing extremely high broadband speeds within the region of 150-200Mbps by the end of 2010. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

However, it’s not all good news quite yet. For starters, the tests weren’t conducted with a large number of people so (as ISPReview says) it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll be getting 150Mbps speeds if the bandwidth has to be split between several customers.

On the bright side, it would be nice to be seeing my download speed in the hundreds of Mbps. It’s about time our broadband speeds rose – I’ve been coping on 2Mbps broadband for years now.

Ah well, we’ll just have to see how this progresses. It looks like we could be getting some nice new technological services next year – not least with this faster broadband and Freeview HD.

Vodafone joins the iPhone club in the UK

Well after news recently arrived that Orange was gaining the iPhone later this year, there’s been more information.

Vodafone has apparently also managed to organise a deal to sell the iPhone. They won’t be as quick as Orange to get it, with news going round that they will have it sometime early next year. Orange have said that they aim to have it in stores “before Christmas”.

However, it does mean that iPhone sales in the UK will probably rocket up as it becomes available on three providers.

I think Vodafone was beginning to worry that they were going to be missing out. If O2 and Orange had the iPhone, T-Mobile and Vodafone would be the only large network providers not to have the iPhone. Now, T-Mobile will soon be merging with Orange, so Vodafone will be left out on the iPhone.

Information still demonstrates that the iPhone is still in high demand, so it would be a big miss out for Vodafone to loose the iPhone.

Well, I’m looking forward to seeing this on the market. It will definitely bring on a nice price war!

O2 gets another top-knotch smartphone – the Palm Pre

Well if you have been reading the tech news lately, you’ll know about the new techy phone – the Palm Pre.

It’s been eagerly anticipated by many people, mainly because it looks like a brilliant competitor to the iPhone. It’s got some brilliant features and looks pretty cool too.

But today, it was revealed that O2 will be hosting the new phone in the UK, which ads it to the collection of fancy smartphones.

I think it is good that all the fancy top-knotch smartphones are ending up on the O2 network, but I do think some of O2’s competitors should get a chance too. To be fair, T-Mobile did get the Android phones which could be very promising, but some of the other networks haven’t really got much to say for themselves.

I think it would be nice to see an iPhone on another network. If O2 would let some other networks have some of the really high-end phones, I think it would be good.