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What’s the point in jailbreaking an iPhone/iPod Touch?

It’s a little confusing really. I know that so many people love the advantages of jailbreaking an iPhone or iPod Touch, but I just don’t see them.

I experimentally tried jailbreaking my iPod Touch yesterday (yes, I am totally ashamed of myself – I will shortly be returning to official firmware), and it amazes me that Apple makes it so easy to jailbreak their devices. I mean there’s a simple procedure that takes about 45 seconds and that’s it, the patch is done.

It’s totally different to Sony – PSP users will know that Sony can’t help it but patch out every single hack and crack into the PSP firmware. Apple seem to be taking it very lightly.

It also makes me think what is the point? Yes, you can customize the iPhone/iPod Touch’s themes but it is such a faff – and none of them are particularly brilliant. And yes, you can install some random software, but honestly… I don’t see what is so fantastic about it.

And the amount of times that my iPod Touch has crashed since I jailbroke it. It hardly seems like there’s any point in it at all.

I know I’m often quite an “Apple basher” here on GEEK!, but this is the one thing that I like about Apple. Their firmware always works – it doesn’t crash and it isn’t slow. I can rely on my iPod Touch anytime I need it and I know it will be ready and waiting. I’m quite happy with my official firmware Apple for the long term.