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Visual Basic 2010 Release Candidate going out to the public tomorrow

New Visual Basic version nearly ready for release!

For those who like building applications in Visual Basic, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft will release the release candidate of Visual Basic 2010 to the general public tomorrow.

The new version has already been released for MSDN customers and they can download it now.

The new update will include various fixes from the beta, and will hopefully bring a few new features from the last major release.

I’ll be reviewing it shortly after it’s released to the public, so stay tuned to GEEK!.

Office 2010 is now in release candidate, public copy not available (yet)

Microsoft is already handing out the release candidate to a select group of testers.

Microsoft has given a select group of testers access to the latest build of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite – the release candidate.

Sadly, at present, the release candidate isn’t available for public download. However, I would think that Microsoft will probably give it to TechNet customers in a few days (or weeks), and then once that’s done everyone else will probably get it shortly after.

This new release candidate would show that Microsoft is really trying hard to reach it’s target of RTM (release to manufacturer) by June 2010. It’s only February and they would appear to be reaching their final stages.

I have to say that I think the beta was very successful – I am yet to find any bugs or hold-backs. I’ve been using the beta since launch day and haven’t had a problem with it yet.

Update: Thanks to Sebastian (see comments) who has informed me that the RC will not go out on public release. It’s a shame, but many thanks for that information.

Microsoft starting bi-hourly shutdowns for the Windows 7 Release Candidate next month

Time’s almost up for the testers…

If you’re still one of the few using the Windows 7 Release Candidate, you’ll be interested to know that Microsoft are [finally] starting the bi-hourly shutdowns next month. It means that from March 1st, you’re computer will automatically shut down every 2 hours. Three months after that (1st June), you’ll loose use of the release candidate altogether.

So, now’s the time to be making decisions. You either need to buy a copy of Windows 7 (which I seriously recommend you do if you have previously used Windows) or change your operating system.

Windows 7 Beta Bi-hourly shutdowns begin July 1st

If you are still running the Windows 7 Beta and haven’t bothered to update to the release candidate, you’re about to hit the bi-hourly shutdowns.

Starting July 1st, Windows 7 Beta users will start getting bi-hourly shutdowns, meaning that your computer will automatically be shut down every 2 hours.

If you want to avoid the Windows 7 Beta bi-hourly shutdowns, you’ll need to upgrade to the Release Candidate for free. You can download it from here for free until August 15th so make sure you upgrade if you want to continue using Windows 7.

Reminder to try the Windows 7 Release Candidate – downloads end soon

This is just a quick message to remind anybody who hasn’t yet tried the Windows 7 Release Candidate (and wants to), to go and download it now. You can get a copy here.

I’m reminding you because it has come to my attention that Microsoft may well potentially end download availability of the Windows 7 Release Candidate on June 30th, 2009.

From a Microsoft email I have received: “It will be available at least through June 30, 2009, with no limits on the number of downloads or product keys available.”

Yes, it does say “at least”, but that does mean that downloads could end on that day if Microsoft feel it is appropriate too.

Don’t worry if you have already downloaded a copy, as running the Windows 7 Release Candidate will not expire until June 1st, 2010. However, you will start receiving bi-hourly shutdowns from March 1st. But by then, Microsoft should have released the final version of Windows 7.

So yes, if you haven’t got a copy of the Windows 7 Release Candidate, get one now.

EDIT: False alarm, download will end on August 15th. After that you won’t be able to download the RC, but you will still be able to install it and obtain product keys.