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Fed up of constantly organising RSS feeds?

If you’re the kind of person who has tonnes of RSS feeds lurking around in your bookmarks, it can be a real pain trying to keep up to date with all the sites you know and love.

If you have this problem, Google Reader might be the answer to your problems. It’s a free service that you can dump all your RSS feeds in and it will look after them for you. To get the latest on all your feeds, you just go to the Google Reader site, log in, and all your feeds are together and ready for you to catch up on whenever you want to.

It remembers what feeds you’ve already read so you don’t waste time reading feeds you already know about. Also, another handy feature is being able to “star” posts that you particularly like so they’re easily accessible in the future.

It’s a really simple but handy idea. Best of all, it’s accessible anywhere in the world on any computer since it’s online.

I’ve known about it for ages, but I thought I’d talk about it since I find it so handy and use it daily. Check out Google Reader now – it’s free and so great to use.