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eBay agrees to sell Skype

eBay has recently agreed to sell Skype, which marks the end of its near 4 year ownership. The company has been sold to a group of private investors.

eBay has complained many times in the past that Skype wasn’t as profitable as they’d hoped. Ever since eBay bought Skype for $2.6 billion in 2005 they have admitted a few times that they have regretted buying Skype. Although Skype offers brilliant value calls to landline and mobile phones across the globe, the free Skype-to-Skype calling dominates the service which makes it very difficult for anyone to make a distinctive profit.

How much eBay have sold Skype for isn’t totally clear – but predictions would outline that eBay is expecting to make about $2 billion from the sale.

There is also little news as to whether anything will change under the new ownership of Skype. I’m hoping that very little will change, as I have recently subscribed to an unlimited landline service from Skype together with my own landline number. It would be a shame if the new owners either upped the prices or removed some of the services.

So, with any luck, there will be no changes to Skype in the near future as it would be a shame to see a change in service. However, you just can’t predict will happen, and if anything we might the service improve.