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Browser market share outlook: February 2010

Chrome is sailing on merrily, but other browsers are slowly starting to sink.

The normal trend is just about carrying on this month, with a few minor differences. Percentages with thanks to HitsLink.

Internet Explorer and Firefox continue to loose market share this month – IE is now down to 61.58% and Firefox is down to 24.23%.

Chrome continues to grow with it’s market share percentage up to 5.61%. Whereas Safari managed to loose a bit of market share this month (which does happen now and then) – it now stands at 4.45%.

Opera’s users are slowly trickling away, with it’s market share now at 2.35%. However, Opera Mini (the mobile edition) continues to gain market share with it’s market share now up to 0.64%.

That’s your outlook for this month.

Browser market share outlook: December 2009

Here’s a quick outlook at the browser market share, thanks to HitsLink.

It looks like this month there’s been some interesting changes that may surprise. Internet Explorer has continued to loose out on its usual trend (falling by 0.93%), but Firefox has also lost out! Firefox has only lost out by 0.11% but that has left other browsers to grow. Firefox’s loss is the first of its kind in 6 months which means that maybe people are finally beginning to see the other browsers available.

Google Chrome, Safari and Opera have all gained market share this month, with Chrome gaining the most noticeable increase at 0.70%. Safari has a small but ever-important increase of 0.10%, with Opera gaining just 0.09%.

It goes to show how the variety of browsers is causing the most popular browsers to loose out. I’m very pleased that Google Chrome is getting lots of attention as I still firmly believe its one of the best browsers available as it is lightweight, super quick and easy to use. This months increase now means that Chrome is the 3rd most popular web browser.

Windows 7 market share nearly doubles in a month, Vista and XP falls

Windows 7 appears to be doing quite nicely at the moment. According the HitsLink, the Windows 7 market share nearly doubled in November. It went from 2.15% in October to 4.00% in November.

In addition, Vista and XP are beginning to loose their market share. Vista’s market share has fallen from 18.83% in October to 18.55% in November and XP’s has fallen from 70.48% in October to 69.05% in November.

This definitely shows that Windows 7 is pulling people over from older versions.

I have to say I think this is a bit of a fluke. Microsoft’s advertising campaign in the UK has been pretty awful – this “I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea” junk.

Oh well, I suppose I should be glad that people are finally moving away from XP – but there’s clearly a long way to go…

Guide: Make your own wifi network with any wireless enabled computer/laptop [Windows Vista]

Do you have an internet connection or broadband supply, but no wireless router to give you wifi around the home. Well have no fear, because there’s no need to spend £50 on a wireless router if you’ve got a computer of laptop with wifi capabilities. It’ll mean that if you have broadband but not a wireless router, you’ll be able to create a wifi network and get things like an iPod Touch on the internet.

I’m going to show you how to create your own little wifi network using a Vista computer and any wireless hardware. As long as it’s capable of picking up wifi signals, it’ll be able to send them too.

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