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Where can you buy music by SMS?

It actually would be really good if more music providers allowed purchasing music by SMS. I think it’s a great idea that’s brilliant if you can’t be bothered to use credit cards (or don’t have them).

The only company that I know which offers this service seems to be 7digital but a) they are not cheap for SMS purchases of tracks (£1.50 per track is very expensive for a song – £1 is justifiable but £1.50!) and b) the £1.50 cost only covers tracks up to 99p. That means a 51p surcharge for using SMS – rip off!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows any other music by SMS services, that work either in the US or the UK.

Any ideas?

I wish companies would realise the potential of this – think of all the kids who could legally be buying music by SMS without a credit card!

Where do you buy your music from?

In the past, I’ve used many different music download services. 

I used Napster first, which in general was good, but very short lived after I discovered their credit card fraud issues. When I used Napster, I only really used it for buying music to burn to CD but not really for MP3 players because at that time I didn’t own a very decent one.

Then after I closed my account with Napster, I didn’t use any music download service for a while.

When someone bought me an iPod earlier in the year, I started using iTunes. I received a £15 voucher with it so I played around a bit and rented some films as well as downloaded music. I’m not a huge fan of iTunes but the service itself is generally reliable and apart from the fact you have to use an iPod with iTunes, it’s pretty good. Of course there is the problem that iTunes (and Napster) are both DRM sites so you wont get DRM free music.

Then I tried the Orange Music Store (since my phone is with Orange) and that’s slightly more dissapointing but still good enough for most people. The application itself that you have to use to download music is quite buggy and can cause some problems, but I find it useful that if you download the song that you want from your phone, it will automatically send it to your PC (and vice versa). There is still the DRM problem, though.

And finally I recently started using Non-DRM sites. I like 7digital.com because they sell MP3’s that you can buy with SMS payment, although it is £1.50 per song apposed to the average 79p per song in most stores. 

What sites do you use for buying music? Do you like them?