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Where can you buy music by SMS?

It actually would be really good if more music providers allowed purchasing music by SMS. I think it’s a great idea that’s brilliant if you can’t be bothered to use credit cards (or don’t have them).

The only company that I know which offers this service seems to be 7digital but a) they are not cheap for SMS purchases of tracks (£1.50 per track is very expensive for a song – £1 is justifiable but £1.50!) and b) the £1.50 cost only covers tracks up to 99p. That means a 51p surcharge for using SMS – rip off!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows any other music by SMS services, that work either in the US or the UK.

Any ideas?

I wish companies would realise the potential of this – think of all the kids who could legally be buying music by SMS without a credit card!