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Mininova torrent site tracked down and destroyed!

Mininova, one of the biggest file sharing torrent sites, has recently been broken down by various legal agencies.

Following a court procedure, the owners of the Mininova website have been ordered to take down all trackers that are related to any copyrighted content or face a multi million euro fine.

Mininova has followed this procedure and has removed all illegal content. Just to make sure, I did a search through their site for various CDs to see if the rumours were really true. They are. Everything is gone, and the admins of Mininova say it is now a “content distribution” service.

If you want my honest opinion, this is a good day for many companies and vendors. This will have eaten into a large proportion of file sharing piracy, which is great, because I have always been against it. I find it really depressing that people don’t want to support the artists that make their music.

Anyway let’s not go onto a miserable topic about P2P and illegal file sharing…

Hopefully this is the start of the future. I really hope that eventually we can minimize piracy because it’s an awful thing. It’s exactly the same as shoplifting – and would you have the courage to do that?

Sadly, I don’t think piracy can ever be truly stopped, but the more we can close down on it, the better.

The Sims 3 leaked online 2 weeks before public release

It looks like EA haven’t won the piracy battle yet (will they ever?).

The Sims 3 has been found on public P2P sites just two weeks before the public release of The Sims 3. It can now be downloaded and played on, however this is illegal and GEEK! does not encourage you to do so.

Electronic Arts, the owner of The Sims 3, has previously tried and failed to stop piracy when it launched its last Maxis game – Spore. This was also leaked on to P2P sites before release.

The Sims 3 is currently due for launch on June 5th in the United Kingdom, but it looks as if many people may already have a copy thanks to the online torrent.

It’s a sad time for the game industry at the moment – too many profits are being lost thanks to P2P sites. The gaming industry needs to learn to work with P2P, because it’s totally obvious that the gaming industry will never win against P2P. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…